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Creating a "Classroom" at Home

With the uncertainty of school lingering because of COVID-19, Tim and I decided it was important that we create a space in our home that is welcoming, inspiring and conducive to learning. We have a room by our front door that has been used so many different ways since we moved in six years ago. It has been a home office, a "junk" room, a playroom and almost always a mess. See below:

I went to Pinterest for inspiration (duh!). I found several looks that I loved and from there, Tim and I started to brainstorm. We took a trip up to IKEA and found some great desk systems as we walked through. We took a picture of everything we wanted to buy once we got to the "warehouse" section. EVERYTHING WAS OUT OF STOCK! I felt so defeated. I said, "Tim, we are NOT leaving here with nothing. Let's figure this out." So we purchased three table tops, then two storage/drawer carts and some systems for wall organization. $250 total- we were thrilled with that!

We also knew we needed to paint the room. It has been the flat boring color from when it was built. The kind that you can't clean and was filthy six years later!!! We read that yellow "increases creativity and attention and instills a general feeling of positivity." Can't beat that!!! So we went with a color called ginger wasabi and I just LOVE it!

See before/after:

After two solid coats of paint (ugh!), we were able to finally start putting the desks together. This was the fun part! The goal was to have three separate spaces for each of our kids.

And after a full day of work.... THE FINISHED PRODUCT!!!!!!!!! WE ARE ALL OBSESSED! Our vision totally came to life, every single detail of our vision and we are super proud, excited, all of the fun feels!!

Let's Learn, Conley Kids!!

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