• Katie Conley

Do You Know What Is Under Your Couch?

I like to rearrange furniture. It drives my husband crazy, but he's gotten so used to it that he doesn't say a peep anymore.... except "thank you." He thanks me because when I move furniture, I do a deep clean of the entire space. Baseboards, floors, walls, windows, furniture. Everything gets a good wipe down.

Why do I move the furniture, you ask? Here...

That was under my couch. Gross. (NO! - the baby wasn't under the couch and the baby isn't gross)! It's the dirt, dog hair, toys, crayons, dog bones, etc. that drive me crazy. Anyone notice those single socks? That's what happens when you do laundry and you can't find the match! The matches are UNDER YOUR COUCH!!!!

Could I have moved the couch, cleaned underneath and then put the couch back? Sure!! But new/clean spaces are invigorating! It's part of my "embrace change" personality!

Do you rearrange furniture often? If so, what's your favorite space to "re-do?"

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