• Katie Conley

First time for....

This is going to sound ridiculous to some- TODAY I MOWED THE GRASS. Big deal. Who cares? Oh, you mow the grass all the time? Well, I don’t! Not because I don’t want to or I think I shouldn’t have to. I literally have never mowed the grass before- in my life. I grew up in a condo on the river in Vero Beach, Florida. We didn’t have grass to mow. In college? No, I lived in apartments. After that? More apartments. Then I met Tim and he had a beautiful lawn in Greer, South Carolina but he LOVES to mow! At least that’s what he always said. He said it’s time for him to really get a good sweat so, by all means, I let him have that time!! Now that I’m staying home with the kids, I wanted to do more around the house and more to give time back to Tim when he is home. So today- I MOWED THE GRASS!!!

My sweet friend came over to help me. She did the edging, which I’ll also need to learn, while I mowed. I was so grateful because I wouldn’t have been able to turn the mower on without her!

What are some household chores that you have never done because your partner does them? How do you split up chores? I would love to know that I wasn’t alone on this island! 🤪

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