• Katie Conley

Let's Get Fit - Day 1

Today was my first official day as a stay-at-home-mom! One of the things I always used to say while I was working was, "I wish I had time to workout and lose weight." Now that I've been given the gift of being home with my kids, it's time to make my wishes a reality!

I took the kids to the YMCA, dropped them off in child watch and made my way to the pool! I grew up swimming so I was really excited to get back in the water after almost 20 years out of the water. I planned on swimming for about an hour, but I only lasted 40 minutes. That's okay, though! It was my first day and I have an eternity to go.

Also, I weighed myself today. 202 lbs. Yikes. Weights mean different things for different body types, heights, etc. For me, that's not good. I'm 5'5" and need to be healthier. My goal is to lose 50 lbs. I'm not sure how long that should take me. If you have any idea, feel free to comment and let me know. But I've got this! Who's with me? Let's Do This!

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