• Katie Conley

Let’s Get Fit - Day 4

It’s Monday, I took the weekend off and I got back in the gym today!!!!!! Woohoo! Me and the kids were running a little behind schedule and I started to tell myself that I could skip today. But here’s the thing, when I was working full time, my excuse to not exercise was that I didn’t have the time. And seriously, I really didn‘t have time. So that excuse is out the window. The only thing stopping me is myself. Right!?

heres what I did today: treadmill- 45 minutes alternating 3 minutes of walking at 3.7 and 2 minutes of running at 5.0. GO ME!

I haven’t been back in the pool yet. I think I need a buddy to swim with or some water ear buds because I have to have music! Comment below with your favorite workout song or playlist. Currently, I’m taking it back to my college days with some early 2000s hip hop. I love that stuff- it gets me moving!

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