• Katie Conley

Let’s Get Fit - Day 6

I swam today!! Ok- so after the Day 5 HIIT group exercise class, I was extremely sore. I am still sore. Yesterday, I did stay home to do things like cleaning up the kids‘ rooms, play areas, kitchen, etc. I also had a couple girlfriends over so our kids could play together. Really fun day, and I needed the rest. I woke up this morning still very sore so my friend, Li, and I went to the Y and swam laps. It felt good to stretch out in the water. While I was there, I learned about the Y’s 100 mile club. You donate $50 (money helps put a child in need in swim lessons), then log your miles! When you reach 100, you receive a small gift, but better yet, it’s an accomplishment! I’m strongly considering this because accountability is always helpful!! That’s all for now- will probably weigh tomorrow 💪🤞

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