• Katie Conley

Let's Get Fit - Day 9

The weather has been dreary in our part of South Carolina this week. Yesterday, we kept trying to get out of the house for some exercise and every time we tried, it was raining. We are pulling back from being in a gym environment because COVID-19 is ramping up in our state/county.

Today was super cloudy, but I was determined to not miss our window of opportunity!!

I loaded the kids in the car, the double stroller, Charlie's bicycle and packed a picnic. We drove across town to Riverwalk where there is a beautiful, well-maintained trail along the Catawba River. We started our walk and the kids were just LOVING it! Change of scenery and we saw two deer! So cool and so fun for the kiddos.

We walked/jogged 1.5 miles down the trail and then had to turn around to come back for a total of 3 miles! Charlie rode his bike THAT far! We are super proud of him. On the way back, we paused somewhere in the middle for a picnic and I let the kids throw rocks into the river.

Such a fun day! We will definitely be doing more of this!!!!

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