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Let’s Get Fit - Days 10 and 11

Not a very good week for me and exercise! Coming off of our mini mountain vacay really interferes with my ambition! (Calling all of my motivators— I need you!!!)

On Tuesday, I spent the day with two of my girlfriends and their kids with a last minute decision to do picnic at Riverwalk and then a trail walk to follow. It was awesome- we did about 2.5 miles and the kids all had a blast together!!

Friday morning, I woke up ready to get moving!!!! I drove up to Charlotte with the kids on Thursday because I (finally) found a kids trailer for a bicycle at the price I was willing to pay. We did Target pick up because- COVID-19 and I wasn’t about to put masks on three kids and go inside Target.

So I was really excited to get out and ride with Charlie! I don’t have a bicycle of my own, I’m in the market for one, so I rode Tim’s bike.


I got out of our driveway and started up our street which is a hill and I thought I was going to collapse.

We kept going, though!! After we stopped the first time, Abigail shouter, “Mom, you have SO got this!” As you can imagine, I smiled so big. I told her that it made mommy feel so good and I kept on going!! We rode all over the neighborhood for a solid hour. Super fun morning!!

So- next week will be better. Right?! Who is going to check on me and be my accountability partner? Also, send me tips for intermittent fasting. Thanks friends!!!

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