• Katie Conley

Let’s Get Fit - Update 8.5.20

I haven’t posted an update in so long!..... because I’ve been too busy WORKING OUT 🏋️‍♀️ !!!!! Quick weight update: I’ve been able to stay below 200 for two weeks now! I’m at 198. I’m definitely losing inches. I didn’t measure but my clothes are all fitting differently! YES!!!!!!!!

HA! But seriously, just about everyday my friend and I gather our troops and spend about 30 minutes doing Beachbody workouts in either her living room or mine. We are following the Morning Meltdown program which is a series of 100 workouts. It’s so fun! We completed workout 32 this morning. Lately, our kids have been more demanding during our workouts so we got creative and moved a TV onto my back patio so that the kids could run around and play while we exercise. The mornings haven’t been too hot and there is still a good amount of shade at 10 am at the back of my house so this works out well.

Today, I kept the TV up so that we could watch a movie outside and do something different!!

If you’re wondering where my oldest is- he’s inside pouting. 🤣

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