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Let's Talk Skincare...

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

If you know me, you know that I have tried a few different skincare lines on top of several OTC products. Here's a quick background:

October 2017: I started using Reverse Regimen by Rodan + Fields. Prior to that, everything I used was OTC. It was love at first application. I almost instantly noticed smoother skin. With daily use, I noticed a brighter complexion.

July 2018: I signed on as a Rodan + Fields Consultant. I wanted a deeper discount. These products are annoyingly expensive. I also wanted to earn some extra cash and help my friends and family with their skincare needs.

April 2019: I stopped selling Rodan + Fields. Why? I was ready to try something new. Don't we all do that? We get bored with the same old thing day in and day out?

For the next year, I noticed my skin start to show signs of aging, dullness and then came the acne. It was awful. I was trying so hard to not spend the money, but the fact of the matter was that NOTHING that I was willing to pay was working. I knew what I had to do...

March 2020: I re-enrolled as a Rodan + Fields consultant, again, for the deeper discount on fantastic products that, for me, have proven results. This time, I started with Unblemish to conquer the acne I was dealing with. (I still have some scarring from the acne on my chin and plan to use the Redefine AMP MD System to work on that). Once that was under control I started alternating between washing my face with Unblemish in the morning and using Redefine at night. That is my current routine.

So, for all of you who I talked to back when I was actively selling and you said to me, "Nah, it's too expensive." I'm here to tell you, "I know it is, but it works." To all of my previous customers, I'm so sorry for quitting on you! If you quit using Rodan + Fields because of me and want to start up again, I am here for you!

Ready to give it a shot? Remember, you can send the bottles back empty for a refund within 60 days if you really don't like it. That's amazing, right?! And seriously, if you want the deepest discount, talk to me about signing on as a consultant. You literally don't have to do anything. I've been both the active consultant and the non-active consultant. Your products cost the same regardless. It's all a matter of whether or not you want to earn some money while you're at it.


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