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Now He's Six! - Charlie Conley

Charlie, our oldest child, has always had a big birthday bash. For his first birthday, I turned into a Pinterest obsessed mom and had a theme for everything from the decor, to the food, to the drinks and party favors. Every year after that, we had a big party but my decorating was a little less than that first year- all depending on how much time I had on my hands! When the coronavirus hit the United States, Tim and I started to have doubts about his birthday party. We were hearing of drive-by parties, zoom parties, etc.

Sometime in early June, I decided that we would just go to the YMCA water park and let the kids swim. I planned to order pizza and bring cupcakes. Nothing fancy but something we knew would be fun for him. About a week before his birthday, his allergies acted up so bad that he had to do a virtual doctor visit. He had an allergy induced cough and, since Tim works for the YMCA, we knew that Charlie would not be allowed at the pool if he was coughing. We would send people into a panic. The night before his birthday, we had no idea what we would do and suddenly it hit me: “Let’s take the kids up to the Lazy 5 Ranch! Tim was on board right away- super fun idea! We spent the rest of the night wrapping presents, decorating downstairs and figuring out our plan. Charlie woke up in the morning thrilled to see the decorations and his presents! He shouted over and over again, “I’M SIX!!!!!” we let his open presents right away then we loaded in the car and headed up to Lazy 5. This is a place where you drive through and animals (cows, zebras, llamas, ostrich, pigs, Buffalo) come right up to your window to be fed. Our crazy kids mostly wanted to keep the windows up! We were fine with that!! we finished the day with a few of our friends stopping by to give Charlie a gift and tell him Happy Birthday. It couldn’t have been more perfect, pandemic and all!!

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