• Katie Conley

The Poop and the Headphone Case

I have told this story a handful of times since it happened, and realized that it needed to be written down. It's priceless - and unusual.

My oldest son, Charlie, had just woken up and went into the kids' bathroom to take off his nighttime diaper. I followed him in that direction with the younger two (Abi and Cambo) following me. I asked Charlie, "Please don't put your diaper in the bathroom trash can. Put it in the diaper pail by Cambo's door." Charlie very respectfully agreed but before he left the bathroom I asked, "Are there other diapers in that trash can?" He said, "No mom, but this trash can stinks." So in the bathroom I go to investigate. The other two are still following me. We are all three in the bathroom while I'm looking into the trash can. I find a pink headphone case (pictured below for reference) in the trashcan.

When the coronavirus stay at home orders first happened, Tim and I bought these headphones for Abigail to use with her tablet. Her big brother had some and she really liked to use them. So I asked, "Why is your headphone case in the trashcan, Abi??!" She said nothing. I picked it up and smelled it. Everything smelled bad and I didn't know what the smell was coming from. I unzipped the headphone case, screamed and then threw it into the sink. What I thought was a live animal about to jump out and bite me, was actually a monster poop. I have never been so disgusted!

I started asking my kids, "Who did this?!" and Charlie quickly said, "Not me!" I believed him wholeheartedly. I also knew it wasn't Campbell. He is a 1.5 year old who wouldn't be able to zip it back up. Abigail, my 3.5 year old, just stood there, not talking. She denied over and over again that she pooped in the headphone case until I said, "Abi, you are not in trouble. Did you poop in your headphone case by accident?" And we all know this was NO accident!!! But she then replied, "Yes, it was an accident."

You guys. Seriously...... and then she zipped it up and put it in the trash NEXT TO THE TOILET!

Have your kids done this? A few weeks ago, I found out that she squatted over the dog's water bowl and peed. We have obviously been having serious conversations about going potty ONLY in the toilet, but this poop story takes the cake. I was so angry and grossed out. Now, I can't help but to laugh a bit. And at least it's written in my blog so that she can be reminded at her wedding one day.

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