• Katie Conley

Tim vs. Charlie vs. Medicine

Ever since Charlie was about two years old, he has been THE worst at taking medicine. So bad that we would spend hours just trying. He’s kicked, punched, slapped, screamed, thrown up, spit it out, gagged..... everything you can’t even think of. Absolutely miserable! Tim and I talked to pediatricians, other moms and dads, googled hacks on getting kids to take medicine. No luck- until one day, we tried the time out method. (I don’t know if that’s a real method but that’s what we are calling it for now). He had to sit in timeout until he agreed to take it. He literally sat for over an hour before he took it. Victory!! By the way, that was when he was about three years old. His sixth birthday is this Wednesday and this is STILL a battle with different challenges. Now, we take things away, do timeout, etc etc. and nothing works. The thing is, he will take a grape flavored liquid medicine as long as it is purple in color. So all of you dye-free medicines who think you’re doing the world a favor- I hate you!!! His allergies are horrible right now and normally, we wouldn‘t out ourselves through the pain of giving him medicine for allergies but, because of COVID-19, we feel like we need to help his sneezing and coughing. This morning, Tim secretly turned this clear, grape flavored Claritin into a purple paradise. In a matter of seconds, that dose was a goner and we were rejoicing!!! Parents- 1, Charlie- 183947974. We will catch up eventually. Small victories! To all of the parents out there going through the same thing, we feel your pain. You are not alone. Stay persistent, get creative. You will come out on top!

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