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What's Your Job Title? "MOM"

Since I was old enough to "know" what I wanted to do with my life, I have known that I wanted to be a mom. Nothing else quite so clear to me, but being "mom" was clear as day. Regardless, I have had a job since I was sixteen years old- swim lesson instructor, swim team coach, lifeguard, activities director, Parks and Recreation supervisor... do you see the trend? I LOVED all of my jobs. I LOVED all of the people I met, the lives I was fortunate enough to impact, the wonderful and rewarding relationships I was able to build. All of this was fulfilling in many ways, but I still knew that being a "mom" was my calling.

Forward to 2010 when I met my husband on the pool deck of a YMCA in Duncan, South Carolina. (I'll save that fun story for another post. Our love story is epic!) There was an instant spark and I knew very quickly that I was going to marry him. Three years we celebrated a beautiful wedding (2013), and soon thereafter came the babies- we welcomed Charles (2014), then Abigail (2016) and finally, Campbell (2018).

I went back to an amazing job after having each of my kids. I have a work family like no-other. Although my husband and I did the math to see if it made sense for me to stay home with the kids instead of paying a HUGE childcare bill, but on paper, it never quite made financial sense. It always teetered on the line of "ehhhh you should probably keep working." Then came the unprecedented coronavirus. Schools closed, daycares closed, and my responsibilities at work didn't require that I be in an office. Out of nowhere, with no planning, I (and millions of other parents) were thrown into the new world of a stay-at-home-mom/dad, homeschool teacher, maid, full time employee (albeit from home) world.... and I LOVED it! I loved every single chaotic moment of being home and spending more time with my kids.

Even on the days I was up to my elbows in poo, I still loved being the one to make them laugh and laugh when they made me laugh, watching them play and playing with them, cuddling and comforting them when they got hurt - I loved every minute I got to spend with them. In late May, my husband and I were forced to make the very difficult decision as to whether I should continue to stay home with the kids (my dream come true!). This was a difficult decision for several reasons. The biggest reasons are 1. health insurance- the entire family was on my insurance; and 2. my job- I had a great job with incredible co-workers and made great relationships with members of the community I served.

So here we are, June 3, 2020 was my first official day as a stay at home mom and I definitely made the most of it. I made the kids a big breakfast, we went to the YMCA so I could exercise! I haven't had time (made time) to exercise in 6 years! This is something I promised myself I would do each day. I've been given the great gift of time. Time with my children, time for husband and time for myself. I intend to use it to its fullest and continue to enjoy every precious second!

(Photo by Whole Lotta Grace Photography)

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